• Remove graffiti on street furniture and paint the lampposts, mailboxes and street signs in the neighborhood.
  • Plant greenery to keep the area beautiful.
  • Weigh in on liquor license and sidewalk cafe applications.
  • Provide holiday signage every year, making the area brighter and more cheerful throughout the season.
  • Get involved in local land issues.
  • Organize local street fairs which raise funds for community needs.
  • Increase awareness of illegal drug use, underage drinking and public safety issues.
  • And much more!

Membership Info:

Note: membership dues are on a calendar year:
   Residents:   $10.00
   Merchants:     50.00
   Institutions:     50.00
   Associates:    10.00  (residents outside the BAMRA area)
For a membership application, click here or email

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